This page is always updated to show current staffing requirements. If you see the vacancy here, it is still available.

We currently have the following vacancies available:

Sales Team

Description: We are looking for salespeople to work in bringing LGP games to market.
The following skills are essential:

  • Selling experience from business to business
  • Some knowledge of what Linux is and its place in computing
  • A proven track record of sales, with references
Position: Large Accounts Manager

Hours: This is a fulltime position
Location: This is a work-from-home position
Salary: This is a commission based position. Commission is 20% of the value of any sale made, PLUS 15% of the revenue for the entire first year of any ongoing long term sales agreement, or for repeat customers beyond their first order.
A highly skilled salesperson should expect to earn in excess of £100,000 per year in this position

Why do we offer only commission based sales positions?
In the past we have hired a number of salespeople who have made grand promises and have completely failed to live up to expectations. After this happening so often, we are now only looking for a salesperson who is confident enough of their ability that they are willing to work for commission only.
We are happy to offer an advance on commission equivalent to a salary of UP TO £20 per hour based on experience for those that have minimum salary needs, but please note this is fully refundable in the event that sales commission do not cover this advance.

All sales positions will be considered to move towards lower commission, with a base salary, once a salesperson has proven their ability.

To apply please email


Description: We are looking for two experienced software developers.
The following skills are essential:

  • Strong C/C++
Also, one or more of the following skills are essential:
  • OpenGL, with some knowledge of DirectX
  • OpenAL, with some knowledge of Windows sound systems
  • SDL, with some knowledge of Windows programming
Any applicant must be able to supply references, either commercial experience developing on Linux, or significant involvement in a well known open source project. References for character and reliability are required.

Hours: This is a part time position, with applicants expected to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
Location: This is a work-from-home position
Salary: This is a commission based position. Developers will receive a generous percentage of the sales revenue based on performance and share of the work done on a project once the game is released, for the lifetime of the sales of the game.

To apply please email