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The links below will connect you to live chat channels dedicated to Linux Game Publishing and its products. Please be aware that these channels are in no way moderated and you should take appropriate precautions before connecting. Whilst LGP will always attempt to keep the content of these channels 'family-safe' we cannot guarentee that troublemakers will never appear

Please note, none of these channels are support channels. Nobody here will be able to help you with problems. To obtain support for one of our products, please see our Support Page. The game related channels are good places to go to get tips and hints on a game, and also to arrange multiplayer games.

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General ChannelsGame Related Channels

General discussion about LGP and its games.

Find and discuss LGP multiplayer games
Candy Cruncher
Cold War
Creatures Internet Edition
Gorky 17
Hyperspace Delivery Boy
Knights and Merchants
Majesty Gold
NingPo MahJong
Postal 2: Share the Pain
Sacred: Gold Edition
Shadowgrounds Survivor
Software Tycoon
Soul Ride