The Linux Game Tome is the official publicity partner of the LGP Development Company

Mar 21st
The initial development meeting is set to occur at 19:00 GMT on Saturday 22nd March

Mar 19th
We are in the process of organising a meeting to take place this weekend. The meeting will introduce the team members to each other as well as to the LGP staffmembers who will be assisting them. We also plan to think up a better name than 'LGP Development Company'. Also on the agenda is suggesting game ideas, selecting a team leader, and planning finances.

Mar 18th
The final 8 development team members have been chosen. The standard among the final 16 was very high, and we feel we have a very strong team to create what we hope will be a great product!

The team members are:

  • Andrew Nelson
  • Bill Kendrick
  • Bob Ham
  • Bruno Costa
  • Jacek Poplawski
  • Matt Wilson
  • Sean Middleditch
  • Steve Baker

Mar 13th
Of the final 16 applicants, The following have so far given us permission to publish their applications. All of the code available here is property of the developer unless stated otherwise, and may not be reproduced without their consent.

Bob Ham(Audeo Response Flasher)BobHam.tgz
Bill Kendrick(Tetris)BillKendrick.tgz
Bruno Costa(Raindrop Simulation)BrunoCosta.tgz
Cedric Cellier(Shortest Path Finder)CedricCellier.tgz
Chris Purnell(Scrolling Shooter)ChrisPurnell.tgz
Christopher Tremblay(Snow Simulation)ChristopherTremblay.tgz
Gabriel Gambetta(IFS Renderer)GabrielGambetta.tgz
Jacek Poplawski(3D Morphing Fruit)JacekPoplawski.tgz
Jean-Yves Lamoureux(Sound and Graphics demo)Jean-YvesLamoureux.tgz
Jim Hartley(Paragraph Reflow)JimHartley.tgz
Matt Wilson(Video Poker)MattWilson.tgz
Pablo Barbachano(Sierpinsky 3D Object)PabloBarbachano.tgz
Sean Middleditch(Garbage Collector)SeanMiddleditch.tgz