Product TitleCandy Cruncher
Available LanguagesEnglish
Suggested Retail Price£8.00
Product DescriptionCheck out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher, Pyrogon`s first game to be published by LGP! Don`t be deceived by its simplicity - only a master Cruncher can eat candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

Move the space around the board, completing rows and columns of identical candies to make them crunch away! You only have a limited amount of time, so plan ahead and don`t get trapped by the immovable Black Jellybeans!

Crunch all you want, but beware the time limit!

Candy Cruncher comes in a DVD-style case, and is complete on a single CD-Rom.
Minimum Requirements
Operating System2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.1 or later and X-Windows
Processor166 MHz x86 Processor
Memory32 MB
Disc Space4 MB
CD Rom4 x CD Rom
Graphics CardGraphics card with 4 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS Compatible
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