Product TitleKnights and Merchants
Available LanguagesEnglish
Suggested Retail Price£23.00
Product DescriptionAfter many battles, the kingdom has been divided into many small feuding principalities and earldoms. The king`s troops have been pushed back into one last royal province, and the rulers of the other provinces wage terrible, destructive wars against one another.

The whole land has fallen into a state of chaos and now the final royal province is under siege by the armies of the rebel lords.

Knights and Merchants recreates a fictitious kingdom in the era of the Middle Ages. All game elements and scenes are based on the Anglo-Saxon period, of around 1200 A.D. You the player takes on the role of a captain in the kings army. A conspiracy against the king catapults you into a situation where you find yourself responsible for the defense of the last royal province. Earn Royal favour by taking back the renegade provinces and crushing the rebellious lords!
Minimum Requirements
Operating System2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.1 or later and X-Windows (XFree86 3.3.5 or later)
Processor400 MHz x86 Processor
Memory200 MB
Disc Space450 MB
CD Rom4 x CD Rom
Graphics CardGraphics card with 16 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS or ALSA Compatible
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