Welcome to the Linux Game Publishing support website.

If you have a problem with any product produced by LGP, this is the place to be. Please follow the following procedure to find a solution to your problems.

First Step
The first thing to do when you find a problem is to see if there is an update to your game that fixes the problem. Often downloading and installing the latest update will fix your problem right away.The easiest way to check for updates is to use lgp_update from the command line, but for some issues, you may need to download files from here. Check the link to see if you need to.
BallisticsUpdates Page
Candy CruncherUpdates Page
Cold WarUpdates Page
Creatures Internet EditionUpdates Page
Gorky 17Updates Page
Hyperspace Delivery BoyUpdates Page
Jets'n'GunsUpdates Page
Knights and MerchantsUpdates Page
Majesty GoldUpdates Page
MindroverUpdates Page
NingPo MahJongUpdates Page
Postal 2: Share the PainUpdates Page
Sacred: Gold EditionUpdates Page
ShadowgroundsUpdates Page
Shadowgrounds SurvivorUpdates Page
Software TycoonUpdates Page
Soul RideUpdates Page
Second Step
If you have the latest version of the game and the problem presists, you should see if it has been answered before. Each game has a list of Frequently Asked Questions that should solve most of your problems
Candy CruncherFAQ
Cold WarFAQ
Creatures Internet EditionFAQ
Gorky 17FAQ
Hyperspace Delivery BoyFAQ
Knights and MerchantsFAQ
Majesty GoldFAQ
NingPo MahJongFAQ
Postal 2: Share the PainFAQ
Sacred: Gold EditionFAQ
Shadowgrounds SurvivorFAQ
Software TycoonFAQ
Soul RideFAQ
Third Step
If you cannot find your problem listed in the FAQ, you should check in the LGP bug track system. This system lists problems with LGP products that we are aware of and attempting to fix.
BallisticsBug Tracker
Candy CruncherBug Tracker
Cold WarBug Tracker
Creatures Internet EditionBug Tracker
Gorky 17Bug Tracker
Hyperspace Delivery BoyBug Tracker
Jets'n'GunsBug Tracker
Knights and MerchantsBug Tracker
Majesty GoldBug Tracker
MindroverBug Tracker
NingPo MahJongBug Tracker
Postal 2: Share the PainBug Tracker
Sacred: Gold EditionBug Tracker
ShadowgroundsBug Tracker
Shadowgrounds SurvivorBug Tracker
Software TycoonBug Tracker
Soul RideBug Tracker
Fourth Step
Download, install and run the LGP test tool. This may tell you what your problem is
Fifth Step
If all else fails, you may send us an email detailing your problem. When you do this, you must include as much information as you can, to allow us to reproduce the problem, so we can see how to fix it, including the full result from the LGP testtool (above).
Candy CruncherEmail
Cold WarEmail
Creatures Internet EditionEmail
Gorky 17Email
Hyperspace Delivery BoyEmail
Knights and MerchantsEmail
Majesty GoldEmail
NingPo MahJongEmail
Postal 2: Share the PainEmail
Sacred: Gold EditionEmail
Shadowgrounds SurvivorEmail
Software TycoonEmail
Soul RideEmail