Linux Game Publishing

Linux Game Publishing aims to bring top quality Linux games to market by providing a reseller channel for both ports of games from other platforms and for new games.

Our business depends on two main things to be successful

  • A good flow of new top quality games to publish.
  • A strong reseller channel, both online and in physical locations.
We are constantly looking to improve both of these areas, and we would like to hear from you if you feel that a partnership with us could be mutually beneficial.

If you have a game publishing proposal, please see our contacts page for information.
If you wish to purchase games from us, either contact us directly, or you may also set up an account and purchase from us online.

Resellers can now dropship direct to their customers! Log in to your reseller account to find out how.

LGP News
Sat, Feb 29 2020
LGP website archived.
The Linux Game Publishing website archive has been published. We thank you for your support.
Sat, July 21 2012
Cold War 1.0.2 patch released.
Cold War has been updated to 1.0.2. This primarily fixes game launching problems some have experienced.
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